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Invites you on a journey of self healing, loving and growth. Unwind and relax in a beautiful setting, while being nurtured and supported.

Create balance in your life

Our aim is to assist and support our clients to achieve their goals creating balance, harmony and well-being. Awaken MBS integrates a diverse range of techniques including Hawaiian  Massage, Kinesiology,  hot stone therapy, sound healing, Reiki, client based counselling and mentoring.

We take great pride in being of service to our clients, meaning that it’s an authentic care and service that is present in the now moment for each client highest good.

Start today and awaken the healer within.

Spiritual Guidance

Blind Spotting - finding your blind spots to get you back into flow.

Connecting to spirit guides and your  innate super power to get you back to optimal living and loving life.

Connecting to loved one, healing past lives,  getting clarity around this life times gold nugget and lessons.

Channeling in perspectives that will assist your now moment.

Souls Healing Journey

A Shamanic healing session, combined with human knowledge and life experience to assist and support you through your life’s journey.

A deep healing session that provides a moment of connection, clarity, An opportunity to reboot and release. Deep dive into your souls knowing of self healing for optimal living and loving.

A nurturing and loving healing session supporting and assisting you back to optimal balance and grace.

Ka Huna Healing Journey

Ka Huna healing Journey involves mind body and spirit for self healing and mastery.

Ka Huna a sacred healing art form that involves the whole being. Working with mind (belief systems) body (using body work, massage) spiritual connection (activating your unique spiritual support system).

Ka Huna massage is a form of dynamic bodywork leaving you feeling a sense of clam and bliss, it can also be quite invigorating and activate positive change.


Working together to  find clarity and the  tools needed to build a healthy abundant practice.

Connecting to spirit guides and your  innate super power to get you back to optimal living and loving life.

Blind spotting, getting out of your own way and finding the blocks that no longer support you in achieving the life you wish to step further into.

Provides clarity around this life times gold nugget and lessons.

Channeling in perspectives that will assist your now moment.

Mentoring sessions assist with Mental Clarity, Inviting positive change, Activating the power of now, helps to release negative energy.

Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage

Heartworks Lomi Lomi  massage takes you on a journey to the sea with the  sounds of the ocean and waves gently soothing and massaging your body to bliss.

A meditative experience that is with much Aloha (unconditional love) hands in rhythmical continues motion and flow. It can supports the lymphatic system, emotional intelligence and mind clutter.

Enhances spiritual, emotional  and  physical awareness, is deeply relaxing and nurturing.


Reiki (meaning Universal Life Force) is a Japanese form of energy transfer .

A channeled energy that is invisible yet can be a very powerful healing tool. Its delicate flow of energy  is channeled through the hands-off the practitioner onto you.  

Reiki can be  combined with other modalities that compliment it.

Reiki Balances the energy of the seven major chakra points that govern the vitality of mind body emotion and Spirit

Reiki is deeply relaxing, great to relive stress and calm the mind.
Marcia Diamond

She has integrated her knowledge and life experiences to support, assist and be of service to her clients.

Her work is unique she has combined her learning and gifts to support her clients including; child education, dance and movement, kinesiology, Ka Huna principles and body work, aromatherapy, crystal healing, sound healing and shamanic healing. She has drawn from her lived experiences and brought out the gold nuggets to share, she creates a loving supportive and light session to help you create the change you are seeking to live fully and joyfully.

Each session is unique to the individual client and guided by the highest vibration of unconditional universal love.

Marcia works through this framework to assist and support her clients in transforming and changing emotions and beliefs that no longer serve, and may be contributing to their current imbalance. She also is a great sounding board and curious to find the best tools that may assist you.

She loves to work together with her clients to find the best possible support that will help and assist her clients achieve their best outcome for the day.

Marcia has worked in child care and preschool centres for over 8 years. Owned a  dance/drama school for 3 and half years overseas. Has studied Kinesiology, Aromatic Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Heartworks Lomi Lomi (massage), Ka Huna Bodywork (temple style Lomi) and Business Management.

Mother of three incredible kids and two fur babies.

IICT Accredited qualifications
Ka Huna advanced bodywork, advanced heart work Lomi Lomi instructor, aromatic kinesiology, Kinesiology IV BKP, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, illi illi hot stones, leadership and facilitators training.

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Jayden Diamond

Ka Huna Bodywork Practitioner

We would like to introduce Jayden Diamond who has come on board with Awaken MBS.

Inspired to offer ka Huna massage after receiving Reiki healings and Kahuna massage himself chose to seek out and study the two modalities and now incorporates them in his healing massage. He is New to the practise yet he has the touch and gives a beautiful flowing ka Huna massage intuitively guided.

You will be left feeling deep calm and grounded. Aches and pain reduced and your mind feeling calmer and less busy.

Jayden will be offering Ka Huna Massage at our newly appointed Wellness Centre in Glebe. Soul Station  is  a wellness haven in  Glebe the perfect escape in the inner city.


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We are working towards putting together some fantastic experiences.  Upcoming workshops include;


Lomi Lomi Level 1

Awaken the Goddess Within


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Price lists


Souls Healing Journey
  • $245 - 2 Hours


Ka Huna Healing Journey
  • $175 - 90 Minutes


Ignite your practice fo success
  • $300 - 90 Minutes


Lomi Lomi Massage
  • $100 - 1 Hour / $150 - 90 Minutes


Reiki & Sound Healing / Reiki & Lomi Lomi
  • $110 - 1 Hour


Lomi Lomi
  • $1,200 - 21 Hours

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